About Me

Hey, everyone! I’m Lindsey.

I am a full time 9-5’er on the corporate circuit (read: cubicle dweller), and wife to the coolest guy in the known universe (no, not Chuck Norris). I’m also a mom to two incredibly fun and at times super crazy- sons. A mom to five, actually, if you include our cats!

I was Florida born & raised, and love seeing the local businesses springing up here in the Tampa Bay Area, as well as our other coast. Now that I’ve moved about an hour north of where we used to live, it is so much fun to explore my new home and I want to share that with you.

Other than seeing small businesses succeed, my other passion is the pursuit of happiness. What does that mean? Well I like finding out what makes people tick, and learning ways to master myself as well as help others. Mental health issues are on the rise, more than ever, and I think it’s vital to be honest about self care (through doing things we love!) and the importance of drawing support from friendships.

Consider this blog a fusion of the two. Take care of yourself, take care of your town, and find out how the two are related.