Just Do It

Today was a pretty important day for me. You see, my stepmom (who I lovingly call Mermom) has just finished her second round of chemotherapy. I’d been told yesterday that she would be finding out if the treatments had helped. 

I was sitting there in my cubicle this morning, trying to focus on work, but moreso running scenarios through my head. I hadn’t heard any news so my mind started heavy handedly filling the gaps. It wasn’t helping anything. 

Next I tried music. Oh, I blasted the hell out of my headphones. It sounded like I was at an EDM festival. That worked for a little while, til the thoughts started shouting above the music. 

Determined to try one more thing, I brought up a self-help video on YouTube. It was a fellow named Noah Elkrief, and he was talking about how to bring yourself back to reality when you’re stuck in your head. It was exactly what I needed! I felt my mood lift, like a burden of feelings had been obliterated by logic. 

What was the big epiphany? Pretty much this: When you get stuck in your thoughts, remind yourself of something tangible in the real world (like your nose), then ask where your problem exists as a tangible object. The kicker is that many of our thoughts are just thoughts, but we make them into more. So we live, and suffer, in our heads. 

By the time lunch rolled around I’d finally gotten the text from my Mermom. Her tumor had shrunk by another centimeter. Fantastic news! Yes, it would be better to know that the cancer is gone completely, but at least this round was won. 

Of course, after that, I was feeling pretty darn good, so I started listening to a TED talk given by Mel Robbins. She spoke about the importance of acting on your ideas. She said that if you don’t marry your idea to an action within 5 seconds, your mind will throw on the “emergency brake” and convince you out of it. 

That hit home for me. I’ve had this blog since around 2014 and have barely written in it. Why? Well… the normal, obvious reasons of work & family, but it’s more than that. Let’s just say I was floundering in an ocean of bad thoughts. I had thoughts of low self worth, thoughts of comparing myself to other bloggers, and thoughts of failure in general. But today I told myself I’d write anyway. 

So here I am! I did it! And I want to extend this challenge to you: do one thing that you’ve been putting off. Don’t think about. Don’t try to hype yourself up. Just do it. 

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  2. Good to see you 😊. I’ve dropped out of the blog-o-sphere too (Guess I’m trying to say “I get it”). Glad to hear you’re Mermom is healing. On a side note, I don’t think I ever got that prime rib recipe to you. My memory is pretty bad lately. If not, let me know & I’ll track it down.

  3. I am happy to hear your very personal story. I hope your Mermom continues to recover well…and thanks for the call to action. I will Just Do It!

  4. It is so true about allowing negative thoughts to rent space in your head. No good comes from that. Focus on what really matters and drown out the noise.

    I hear ya about comparing my blog to others, but you know….I do all right for me. It’s all that I can balance between my family and life. I’ve been at this a looooooong time. I’ve seen bloggers come and go and some are still around, like me. In this instafamous my-life-is-perfect blogosphere, I try to follow the same advice as the advice stated above – “drown out the white noise” and focus on what is right for me and my blog. I just do me and you know what? It works.

    You do you, girl. xox

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