Color Me Rad is coming to Tampa!

Do you love 5ks? Do you love looking like a human tie-dye project? Do you need something to do on May 24th? Well I’ve got you covered. Listen up!

Color Me Rad is coming to the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa next weekend, and it is going to be a blast! 
So what is Color Me Rad? Oh, it’s just a course where you wear white and get BLASTED at every color station with food grade cornstarch. You can even purchase color bombs to launch at your friends! Awesome, right? Here are the color stations set up for the race:
There’s also some swag involved. Your registration for the race will score you some pretty sweet items. Want to see? Of course you do!
Personally, my favorite part of this race is the fact that it’s not chipped/timed. That means I’ll be able to actually enjoy myself along the course since I’m more of a power walker than a runner. Also, it’ll give me more time to get completely covered in color. I mean saturated. I want to look like a rainbow gone spastic.
If this sounds like fun to you, sign up quick! Registration will be closing 5/21 & packet pick up is 5/22 at Fit2Run in International Plaza (that really huge mall by the airport in Tampa).
In the meantime, I’ve got some exciting news… I actually have two free race entries to give away! They’ll be spaced out though, so make sure to hop on both! 
The first giveaway starts today, 5/15, with the winner being picked Saturday morning, the 17th. The second will start on the 17th and the winner will be picked on Monday morning, the 19th!
Want to register right now? You can use the promo code LindseyLocal25 to get 25% off! That’s a quarter of the price instantly dropped!
Hope to see you there, and keep scrolling down for the giveaway!

First chance to win! Are you in?

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