What A Weekend!: Best Friends Weekend (March 29th & 30th)

I’ll be honest, guys, I am exhausted right now. Every molecule in my body is telling me to pass the heck out. That’s how I felt yesterday, too! Let’s make a deal: I’ll tell ya about my weekend and then I’ll pass out. Sound good? Okay, then.
Saturday was ah-mazing. Seriously. 
I spent the day with the hubs & Avery in Mulberry for our friends’ house warming party. 
Amber did a bang up job preparing the edibles. She made Corn Dog Dunkers, crockpot barbecue chicken, Asian pasta… I’m just going to stop there and show you instead!

                      Adorable, right?

                    The whole spread

                    Corn Dog Dunkers

                 Strawberry Lemonade

I was super impressed, and super stuffed! But I needed to make room, because Lindsy was coming to get me. Yep! My bestie was on her way to pick me up and drive us to Kissimmee! What for? Well, I made reservations for us to have dinner at Medieval Times. And my tickets were free, thanks to a consolation prize from a Facebook contest. Score!
When we got there we were like two kids on a 5th grade field trip.
We grabbed our crowns and headed out to the little medieval village to check out the different areas. I wasn’t shy in mentioning that I was looking for the torture chamber. When we found it, all I could do was cringe. They really should rename this section “Things That Make You Go Oww”!

              The Judas Cradle… Yikes!

               An authentic chastity belt

After we were done sympathizing with villagers of the past, we made our way back to the castle just in time for dinner to be announced. We were so pumped!
It took a few minutes to get everyone seated, but after that the show got rolling and we went along for the ride with the Red Knight. I cheered so hard I almost lost my voice!

                      Go Red Team!

While we watched this handsome guy joust his opponents and fight them on foot, we were treated to an excellent dinner. You eat with your hands here, but that makes it even more fun! My favorite part? The juicy baked chicken. Man, I’m telling you, it was some of the best chicken I have ever had. Ever.

The show itself was a couple of hours long and entertaining the whole way through. We had such a good time that we were still laughing and smiling when it was over. Maybe that’s because of all the jokes we whispered, or the part of the show where I held up this sign for the Red Knight. 
             That’s what BFF’s are for!
Then we remembered the two hour drive back. Ugh…
Good thing there was a Wawa down the street! I’d never been to one before and I was eager to see it. I can finally say that I can check ordering a drink on a touchscreen off of my bucket list. What a neat feature!

                  The finished products

It was a pretty long ride, and the exhaustion finally set in. I rolled into bed at about 1 A.M. and passed out without a second thought. I needed all of the sleep I could get, because Sunday was Christoph’s turn for a fun day out.
You see, I won two general admission tickets for the Spring Beer Fling from my friend Steph’s Orangespoken blog, but I decided to send Christoph & Frank for a Bros Day Out. I even surprised Christoph with a SBF themed care package to “spring” the good news. Like what I did there?
So the guys spent the day at Curtis Hixon park, hula hooping, drinking beers, and balancing on the surfboard equivalent of a mechanical bull. They even ended up getting upgraded to VIP thanks to an app-based contest that Frank submitted a picture to. All in all, it looks like they had a great time. 

                      Bros on the go

So now you know why I’m exhausted. I have to say the busy week at work is a factor, as well. 
Hopefully I’ll be recuperated enough by Friday for another fun weekend ahead.
(Oh, and Happy Hump Day in advance!)

-Lindsey the Great (Queen of the Reds!)

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